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Holiday Limousine Rentals

Holiday Limousine Services in San Diego

When it comes to holiday transportation in style, Elite Image has got you covered. Holiday limo services San Diego can give you the perfect night or even day! It all depends on what you want to do. Whether you’re bar hopping during Cinco de Mayo or on your way to a big New Year’s party, here’s all of the holidays where a limo is the perfect accessory to your festivities.

Halloween Fun

Ride up to your Halloween party of choice in style with a limo from Elite Image! Have fun on the way to the party instead of being stuck behind the wheel. You can relax and just have fun with a couple of your closest friends! Enjoy one of the most fun nights of the year with people you enjoy being around and let our driver handle the transportation. Whether you’re Catwoman, Rick from The Walking Dead, or one-fifth of The Spice Girls, get the very best so you can pre-game on your way to the party and have the time of your life once you’re there!

Bar Hop in Style on Cinco de Mayo

Bar hopping is fun any day of the year, but it’s particularly enjoyable when it comes to two holidays: Saint Patty’s and Cinco de Mayo. Both holidays are known for their ability to make drinking an insane amount and going to as many different destinations as possible the most fun thing you can ever do. There’s just something in the air when it comes to this Mexican-inspired holiday. What was a cultural holiday has become across the world a holiday that has largely been taken over by tequila and margaritas. It’s a day that’s devoted to drinking, so let Elite come pick you up and drive you to all of your Cinco de Mayo destinations!

Saint Patrick’s Celebrations

Let Elite Image help you celebrate the bit of Irish in you on this beloved North American holiday! Everyone’s an honorary Irish on this day, and many take to the bars and the pubs in celebration! Wear a little green and let a limo get you around town. San Diego is known for its amazing bars, pubs, and restaurants, so why not tour this amazing city and get your Irish on with Elite Image?

Celebrate New Year’s

New Year’s is arguably one of the best holidays there is. You get to start over and celebrate a new year with a new slate. Let Elite Image Limousine Service get you to your destination well before midnight so you can begin the new year in a ride just as fancy as you and your friends! Call 619-749-2853 to find out more and book one of our beautiful limousines today!