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Just like any industry or business, the price GREATLY reflects quality of service, and within this industry it can not be truer. In this industry the price reflects like and kind of vehicle including quality of driver and service and the cheapest price is not going to get you the best San Diego Limo or service.

Price does vary due to weekday, weekends, locations, and types of vehicles etc.

The cheapest hourly rate is not always the best thing to go with and it DEFINITELY means that you are not traveling in the nicest or cleanest limousines in town. A cheap rate means a lot more than just a cheap hourly rate, there are a lot of unforeseen reasons as to why a company can offer a cheap rate. We definitely are not the cheapest limousine company in town nor are we the most expensive, but with us YOU ARE getting the nicest ranked limos in all of Southern Cali along with the best drivers despite what hourly rate we agree upon, and not only that, if you don’t physically view our vehicle ahead of time prior to booking we do guarantee that the car in the picture will be the car that actually pulls up.

A lot of individuals see our vehicles and automatically assume only the rich can afford our cars. Well, we at ELITE IMAGE LIMOUSINES want everyone to enjoy our vehicles. We have priced our vehicles competitively with everyone else so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy them. Yes we have hourly minimums and specific price rates, but we understand that everyone’s needs are different with their events and because of that we will go out of our way to do everything we can to accommodate your needs the best that we can. The best way of doing this is to contact us and tell us honestly what you are looking for with as much details as possible so that we can let you know what ALL of your options are including different cost options. We will give you vehicle options along with insightful ideas as to ways of saving money and cutting costs.

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