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Wine Tours

On a wine tour in the Temecula Valley with Elite Image at the wheel you can sit back and relax, let loose and enjoy your day! A wine tour is a perfect event for just about any occasion! A wine tour is a lot more then just going and tasting wine, it is a full day of great fun with close family and friends, great wines and great food! The possibilities of what you can do on a wine tour are endless, like starting your day out with brunch prior to going to the wineries or even having a nice picnic at one of the wineries beautiful picnic areas in the middle of the day, and or end it with dinner at one of the wineries or on the way back. With us being a member of the Temecula Valley Wine Growers Association responsible partners program we can make your reservations at the wineries for tasting and help set up private tasting rooms at the wineries for you. We will also help you with your plans for the day giving you advice on things to do, what wineries to go to for your specific tastes, along with planning out timing details. We will help you with thoughts and ideas as to cost cutting measures and ways to keep your cost per person down. A day at the wineries does not have to be expensive. Look at a few of our Wine Tour Packages. Be advised reservations ARE required at many of teh wineries for groups arriving in limousines or buses and if not made teh wineries will not allow you to participate at their venue.

Part of the fun of a wine tour is the limo you have for transportation, everyone and anyone can arrive at the wineries in an old black limo, but not everyone can arrive in an Elite Image Limo! Why look like everyone else, when you can set the standard! The limo is half the fun and without a nice ride you loose out on all that fun and good times! Click on the link above for the Wine Growers Association to get a list of the wineries view their specials along with printing out their weekday coupons.

Click her for a list of ALL the wineries and their offereings.

Winery Map