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TIPS to Hiring a Limo

  • The Cheapest/Best price is not the best thing to go with; you pay for what you get couldnt be more true. The biggest piece of advice we can give is to physically view any and all vehicles that are being offered to you, so that you know exactly what to expect with that limo and that it meets your standards and requirements. Make sure the License plate of the limo that you looked at is listed on your reservation form so that you know you are receiving the same vehicle. By doing so when it arrives to you that day you have no surprises. If the company avoids setting a time with you to view the vehicle or they consistently say it is out, that is a very good indication that something is wrong and or the car does not exist.

  • STAY AWAY FROM LIMO BROKERS. If the company cannot physically show you the vehicle in person and avoid scheduling a time to show it to you then they are a limo broker which means they book a resevation with you for a very cheap rate, and promise you everything yet you have absolutely no idea of what will actually show up as they farm the job out to any cheap company in town that will do the job for them at a discounted rate as the broker takes his part. People who book with brokers are usually the ones the end up with the horror stories of the limo not showing up or it being very late, teh limo was not what they thought they booked and or it is nothing that one would care to ride in. If the deal sounds to good to be true it probably is.

  • All limousines are different from each other and many companies have a Hummer or a Chrysler whcih does not mean that they are equivalent or alike. There are many different coach builders of limousines which means all cars have different designs and ammenities that are offered along with their appearances. Also one must keep in mind that companies have different maintenance and cleaning standards. If you take the opportunity to view the vehicle being offered to you if you get an over powering scent of Febreeze or a cleaner you should be concerened, if the company maintains and properly cleans their vehicles the vehicle should not have an overpowering cleaning scent, it is a way of masking foul odors and issues.

  • The YEAR of the vehicle does not matter and is very deceiving. If you are to ask the company for the year of the vehicle are they going to tell you the year of the vehicle chassis or are they going to tell you the year that the vehicle was made into a limo?? The year of the vehicle  makes no difference it truly comes down to the cleanliness and maintenance standards of the company. Think of a Hummer Limo as an example…..GM never ever changed the body style of the H2 Hummer so the Hummer can be a 2001 or a 2012 when GM finally discontinued making the H2 Hummer but despite what year it is they all look the same, so at that point it comes down to the cleanliness and maintenance. When you are asking for the year of the vehicle you are assuming just because it is newer it is nicer then one that is older which is far from the case. How many times have you got into a friends vehicle and they told you how do you like my new car I just bought but inside is an absolute smelly mess and why because they are not a very neat person. Same applies to limousines, just because it is a limo company does not automatically mean that they are spotless clean. Majority of companies do not have a facility they store their vehicles at, most are parked in hotel parking lots, street sides, in front of peoples homes so they get used the night before then parked to sit in the baking sun not cleaned inside after a run. We have seen limos that are only 3 months old that look and smell inside as if they were from the 70’s. We at Elite Image Limousines have always had our vehicles stored and locked up inside a warehouse facility so that they can be cleaned properly after a run, carpets steam cleaned after a run and vehicle left open to properly dry and be fresh for your event. TAKE THE TIME TO VIEW THE VEHICLES PRIOR TO BOOKING, and focus on the quality and cleanliness not the year of the vehicle.

  • Many websites can be deceiving wtih the pictures that are posted reflecting their vehicles which is why in many pictures there are fake backgrounds because the vehicles do not exist and or are copied pictures from coach buildes websites. Be aware of what you are booking.

  • Prior to signing the contract read the fine print and confirm that the price that you were quoted on the phone is the ALL inclusive price. Many times after the contract is signed back end fees and surcharges are added in when your event is done.

  • Discuss and confirm what the company’s cancellation policy is prior to booking and providing any information.

  • Always confirm that the company is a properly licensed and insured company. You can do this by looking on the California Public Utilities Commission Website and type in the companies TCP License number to confirm that they are a valid company. Our License number is TCP #19883

  • Confirm that the vehicle you are discussing has the proper passenger rating for the group you are planning to have so that you can assure proper seating for comfort.

  • When shopping for a limousine be prepared to put down a deposit, not only does this hold your reservation but it also guarantees the price that is quoted.

  • With any event you are planning especially your wedding or school event it is never to soon to book the vehicle, cause once it’s booked it’s booked. It is better to get something locked in so that you are not stressing over it versus waiting to the last minute. Many brides will book their transportation as early as a year a head of time, and even PROM’s will book at the very beginning of the school year. Different events have different requirements so begin early so that you do not loose your opportunity on the vehicle, especially if you have one specifically in mind.

  • For those events taking place on a military base please call us a week prior to the event so that we can provide you with vehicle description and license information, along with chauffeurs information. All bases will require this information so that the vehicle can pull on the grounds